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Shit Happens....And for that u need Sham-WOW

2010-07-19 20:02:13 by Darklinkfighter

Sham-wow cleans up any shit stain, blood, or even semen so the next time the cops are over they won't find that missing 5 year old girl in your closet. All they will find is a yellow shammy that saved you from 80 to life :D. Just call this toll free number 1-800-five-go fuck


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2010-07-19 20:05:46

damn the number doesn't work

Darklinkfighter responds:

Then try this one.... 1-800-beep-beep- WTF BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM-.VBS


2010-07-19 20:13:03

that one worked much better now I can clean up bloody messes thanks for your help pal :)